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recording the aesthetic existence of laura

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. "Which road do I take?" she asked. "Where do you want to go?" was his response. "I don't know," Alice answered. "Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."-Lewis Carrol


SPOTLIGHT: Layered, Painted Photographs by Gerhard Richter

Today we take a look at famed German abstractionist, Gerhard Richter, stunning contemporary works.

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Tara Donovan transforms everyday objects into captivating works of art. Seen here is straws, tar paper, Styrofoam cups, buttons, and fishing wire.

Saw her work in Copenhagen.. amazing. 


In London, Clever And Witty Street Messages That Tease The Public by UK-based artist Mobstr 

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IRWIN, IRWIN Live, 1996/1998 exhibitions in Atlanta and Warsaw

IRWIN Live consists of paintings from the “Was ist Kunst” series installed on the ceiling with the Irwin members suspended below them so as to appear standing as spectators in front of their paintings.
After the opening the “live” members are replaced with replicas, wich remain in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. (via)


Monet Monet Monet

People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it’s simply necessary to love.

- Monet

The necessary words of Monet. Look and simply love.


Street artist and French photographer JR was commissioned by the French government to plaster photos of ordinary people throughout the Panthéon, so they may “enter the temple devoted to illustrious men” like Voltaire, Rousseau, Victor Hugo and Émile Zola. For the final installation, JR installed 4,160 anonymous faces on the scaffolding on the exterior of the landmark, and within the mausoleum itself.

For more: Inside Out installment

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Florian Mermin (b. 1991, Longjumeau, France) - 1: Les Heures Anxieuses (The Anxious Hours), 2011  Acrylic Paints on Plaster  2: Don, 2009  Plaster, Acrylic Paints  3: Past, 2012 Wood, Shoes, Table, Flour  4,5: Do Not Forget Close The House, 2012  Brown Wax  6: Start, 2011 Matches, Cardboard, Glue  7,8: Short Scale, 2013  Gypsum, Plaster of Paris Bandages  9: Midnight, 2013  Wood, Plaster, Ceramics, Fake Nails, Acrylic Paints  10: Autopsie, (Video Still), 2014

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Graffiti duo Os Gemeos collaborated with GOL Airlines to paint this Boeing 737 for the Brazilian team in anticipation for the World Cup.

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I am very happy that floral/patterned pants are not just being marketed towards women. 

Floral pants for everyone always.

Laura out. 

I feel that art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of chaos. A stillness which characterizes prayer, too, and the eye of the storm. I think that art has something to do with an arrest of attention in the midst of distraction.

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Delicate Paper Sculptures Suspended in Mid-Air by Peter Gentenaar

2 months ago


ART: Faig Ahmed’s Mind-Blowing Embroidered Art 

Faig Ahmed explores composition of a traditional Azerbaijanian carpet by disjointing its structure and placing its elements into open space.

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Has a piece at SAM


ART: Thought-Provoking Street Art by Fra.Biancoshock

We love when clever art takes itself to the streets and gets the people thinking!

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